Zanilla, Fly so Free, and T. Ternish finish 1,2,3 & BC in Aprilfest (Canada) 50 mile ride!

Ride time was 4:32; we kept a steady 11 mph average thru the whole race, galloping the downs and easing up on the climbs.  The fourth place finisher was ten minutes later.  Tingle Ternish won Best Conditioned with a score of 49/50 .  Ternish was helped by the WOW saddle, which gave him freedom of movement.  


Ternish, Zanilla and Fly after a training ride in the Keuka outlet gorge.

8-6-2005 Fly So Free won the Wolverine 100 mile ride and received Best Conditioned.

Here Fly models the halter/bridle she received for a completion award.