Trumbull: 2008 Iberian Sport Horse Gelding out of Two Star, a 3/4 TB by Dakota Galano, an Andalusian. Trumbull has hunted two seasons with the Genesee Valley Hunt.
He is a solid, and confident hunter that really takes care of his rider. Clips, loads, bathes. Additional photos and radiographs available upon request.
Trumbull outrode for the Genesee Valley Hunt Races in 2013 and 2014. He had no issue leading strings of horses to their start and standing while they ran off, socializing with the crowds or chasing and cutting riderless racehorses.(right)
Trumbull trots 3'+ coops easily. Hacking around the GVH hunter pace(below)
Trumbull often leads the hunt field. We regularly hunt 10+ miles. Leading the field last November(below right)
Trumbull takes care of all riders. Dr. Quentin Llop is a T12 paraplegic and blind. Pictured left and video below of his second time riding Trumbull. Trumbull is a third generation para-horse.
Trumbull also carries Sylvia tots~n~tandem. Sylvia loves jumping everything(below left).
Trumbull has completed the Hector Half Hundred 35 mile and the Fort Valley 30 mile limited distance endurance races. Trumbull at the start of the Fort Valley 30, with me trying to get my Garmin started(left). The Garmin track after I got it started at Fort Valley, note the 4,000 ft of climbing(below).
Trumbull Competing at the 2014 Cavalry games.(above)

Trumbull as a 2 year old. (right)